Mark Daughtridge made it to the top of Mt. Kilimanjaro and flew the FLAGS for a NONVIOLENT DURHAM! Track the progress! GO to CLIMB page! CONGRATULATIONS MARK!

Summer preparation has included a 25 mile backpacking hike in the high heat and humidity of the NC mountains, another 10 mile backpack hike with 6000 feet of elevation gain and of course some vaccinations. After the mountain climb the team will do a brief photo safari and then Mark will visit Madagascar for a week, returning to Durham on August 26. Ask us about having him come share the inspirational story with your group!

AUGUST 20TH – Women’s Silent March Against Violence. Please Go To http://www.silenceagainstviolence.com
The Religious Coalition for a Nonviolent Durham (RCND) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization comprised of individuals, who as an expression of their faith and goodwill, actively seek an end to the violence that is plaguing Durham neighborhoods.


Our mission is to prevent and rectify the injustice of violence
that segregates our city and diminishes our humanity.

About every other week someone is killed in Durham. The majority of Durham’s homicide victims die from gunshot wounds. Young African-American men comprise the majority of Durham’s homicide and assault victims. Violence not only takes lives from a community but also its safety. Too many Durham citizens, especially our children, live in danger of stray bullets, witness the bloodshed, and lose loved ones.

The coalition was founded by Mr. Leslie Dunbar and Rev. Mel Williams in 1992, and incorporated in 2004. We are an interfaith and inter-racial organization whose fulfillment depends on inclusiveness. We are volunteers who practice this standard of inclusiveness with both victims and offenders of violence.

The coalition works with members of Durham’s faith, governmental, educational, health, and advocacy organizations to encourage, facilitate, and promote institutional reform and individual acts of compassion and reconciliation.

We invite you to participate in our practices:

PRAYER VIGILS after homicides to honor and publicly recognize the human worthiness of the victim, to comfort family and friends, & to sanctify and bring healing to the site where the violence occurred. 200+ vigils conducted thus far.

RECONCILIATION AND REENTRY MINISTRY seeks peace by building intentional relationships among people of faith and newly released prisoners that facilitate both collective and individual acts of compassion, reconciliation, and peace. Since 2004, 36 former prisoners and two adjudicated young teens partnered with 15 faith teams. Four adults have re-offended; an 11% recidivism rate.

COMMUNITY LUNCHEON ROUNDTABLES Held every fourth Thursday of the month at Shepherd’s House United Methodist Church Fellowship Hall, corner of N. Driver and E. Main Streets, Durham, from noon to 1PM. Lunch, presentation from a peacemaker, and lively discussion are provided. Please join us. All are welcome.

HANDS WITHOUT GUNS Blessings of Peacemakers project that creates thousands of painted hand-printed pledges of peace on ever-growing bolts of fabric to educate and engage families and communities about ways to prevent gun violence.

To contact our staff:
Ruthy Jones – Vigil Ministry and Community Organizer
Phone: 919-698-9092
Email: nonviolentdurham@gmail.com

Drew Doll – Reconciliation and Reentry Ministry Coordinator — Phone: 919-228-0997; Email: drewcdoll@gmail.com.

Mailing address:
Religious Coalition for a Nonviolent Durham
P.O. Box 52303
Durham, NC 27717